No You Can’t Scare Me


After being harangued in a friendly way by my friend who was recently elected secretary of The Local here, i’ve just started the application process for my Union Membership. 

People who know me will know that this is a big thing. 

as a young female i edged around the union because i thought i wouldnt fit in, because i thought the union was weak, i thought i would have to pay a lot of money, i thought i had more opportunities to grow in my career if i didn’t join. 

Now, as the bureaucracy in tucson has taken a serious lean towards people i respect, i’m reevaluating my position. 

having my membership would make getting work in new places simpler. it would validate my career a little in the eyes of grownups, it might lead to more job opportunities, but i would also have to abide by union rules and i simply do not know what those are! 

so i’m writing an email with questions. 

i think i’m for what unions stand for. 

i also think its getting a little antiquated. 



this has been another pointless wall of text by isabel. 

care to discuss?